Heads up for iUsers (iPhone iPad iPod), here's a sweet freebie I just heard about available only for the next couple days.  This premium program titled "DJ Player" by iMect usually costs $44.99, but it will be free now until Dec 4th so grab it while you can!  So don't miss out on this window, it might come in handy for another alternative tool or something fun to play around with if you're jonesing to mix on the go.  There are midi programming capabilities and pro effect features including solid filters, so the potential looks promising depending on what you might want to do with it.  

Don't worry folks, I won't be quitting my Vinyl cold turkey just yet in hot pursuit of becoming the next rising iSuperstar anytime soon.  Personally I couldn't imagine performing a full live iDJ set from my iPhone exclusively.  Laptop DJ'ing, even with Serato, feels another step disconnected versus connecting to the crowd with "the real thing" (using real pressed DJ Records as analog instruments).  I'm not knocking digital DJ'ing by any means, I've seen performances done with midi controllerism that have been more than inspiring enough to spark a genuine interest in Ableton Live.  I am a firm believer that learning from and eventually embracing new technology can become a powerful tool to integrate into one's already established skill sets.  If you aren't learning, you aren't growing.  In the end it all comes down to what you play and how you play it, not what medium you play it from.  

Here's the official program's site:  http://imect.com/djplayer/
I heard about this great offer originally from here:  http://www.djtechtools.com/2012/11/30/dj-player-temporarily-a-free-download-red-bull-bpm-finished/
And here's a helpful review of the software:  http://www.djtechtools.com/2012/11/07/review-dj-player-5-1-ios-app/
Sounds good to me!

Here's the word from Red Bull BPM: http://redbullbpm.com/dj/news/red-bull-and-stereomusik-systems-will-end-development-all-red-bull-bpm-applications

And the link to iTunes where you can find the (currently free) DJ Player by iMect Ltd.: 

I put a couple of youTube links below as well, so you get a better feel for what the program actually looks like and does.  Hope this helps some people out.  Enjoy!



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