In case you didn't get enough food for the Soul this Thanksgiving, this Jive Turkey DJ would like to dish up a plate of hot sizzling bird for you.  Hailing from a strange place somewhere between Dubstep, Chillstep, and melodically uplifting Bassy Brokenbeats, Sizzlebird quickly became one of my newest favorite producers for 2012.  The song that first turned me on was "Light at Sunrise".  When I heard it I was immediately hooked on the sound.  It played enough times on repeat in my playlist where I had to find out more about this artist and what other releases were available.  I quickly found Sizzlebird on Soundcloud, and wow, this producer is a busy bird!   Huge list of releases, and lo-and-behold, many freebies to download - Hurray!  Checking his website, I learned that SizzleBird, aka Ot Moruno Bird, was born in Barcelona and is a resident of the UK.  A very talented musical individual in my opinion, I had to share his music with my friends since its worth giving a go if you like good music.   "Healer feat Mariah Dawn" is a nice song on the mellow side.  In fact I enjoyed all of the free music on Soundcloud.

Unfortunately one of my favorite songs there,  "SizzleBird & CoMa - Where Do We Go" was only available as a 128 bit mp3 on Sizzlebird's page, unacceptable for Dub Bass lovers on a loud amplified soundsystem.  Fortunately with a little research I found it on "The CoMa Collection" available on Bandcamp for free (or pay what you like if feeling so inclined), in whatever format you choose.  I chose FLAC for all the obvious reasons, but if you prefer 320 mp3 that option is just as convenient albeit lossy.  CoMa's soundcloud has a 320 mp3 also if you only want the single, however I recommend the whole collection.  On a side note, CoMa is a vocalist & producer who is part dreamer, part fae child.  A self proclaimed "Fae child", now that made me giggle a little!

I figured I'd check out CoMa's Facebook page, looks like about an hour ago this was posted for a free download: "Synthetic Epiphany and CoMa - Sleep, The Division".  Sweet vocal chill step labelled under the subgenre Dreamstep.  Snag a fresh download while you can.  More downloads are up on CoMa's soundcloud too.

Digging around on Sizzlebird.com I also found a freebie download for "Compressors and Sparks", a more uptempo Drum and Bass 6-track release that's pretty rocking.  I'm sure there's more gems hiding out there by SizzleBird.  To be honest I've only been exploring this artist over these past few months so if you find any more must hear tracks hiding away or of this style by some unknown producer I'd love to hear about them.  Please comment or send me any tracks via email.

Have a go, theres a lot of music to explore here!  Don't say Jack doesn't love you, because I will continue to keep sharing all the best new and free music from quality artists that I'm able to find.




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