Who doesn't like free stuff?  I love freebies, and even better I love to be able to pick and choose (Freedom of Choice).  This was too great of an offer not to share with my friends:  Scott products is offering free $5 mp3 credit at Amazon.com for signing up and answering a quick question or two, the whole process took me less than a minute.  Its legit, this works!  I just got my $5, gonna pick out a few new extra tunes for myself which is awesome.  I'm not sure how long this offer will be available so I'd suggest signing up sooner than later.  Once you get your credit locked in (they sent me an email with the code to redeem at Amazon), I believe the credit is good until Jan 31st 2013.  Hope this helps out some people since its a wicked freebie.  Pick out something good for yourself, you deserve it!


Just sharing the free love with my friends, fans, and followers.  Jah Bless!



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